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UN/SPOKEN ARCHIVES is a project by 1st year students of the Graphic Design department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy initiated and accompanied by the Werker Collective. To share our knowledge and stories we created a series of amateur archives based on our own desires, fears, passions, disappointments, obsessions, family memories and localities.

PARTICIPANTS: Eloïse Alliguié – Rafaela Aristodimou – Ysé Auguste-Dormeuil – William Becker – Philippine Bordeaux-Montrieux – Vinícius Cardoso Witte – Hyoyeong Chu – Kimberly Duck – Fanni Falucskai – Lola Frydman – Marie Gertsen – Kiki Gordon – Sigrídur Hafdís Hannesdóttir – Victoria Hoogstoël – Quirine Kennedy – Max Kessel – Jung Yeon Kim – Hagar van der Knijff – Lukasz Matuszewski – Natalia Ruhe – Luca Putz – Ran Reimann – Bram Romkes – Alyson Sillon – Martina Vanini

EDITING: Sigrídur Hafdís Hannesdóttir, Victoria Hoogstoël, Natalia Ruhe
IDENTITY DESIGN: William Becker, Jung Yeon Kim, Lukasz Matuszewski, Luca Putz
WEBDESIGN & PROGRAMMING: Eloïse Alliguié, Max Kessel
TYPEFACES: UNSPOKEN ARCHIVES by Luca Putz, ParaRubber by Léonard Mabille
* Max Kessel *

Image missing :( Blowfly, Black Music's Filthiest Legend. His music had often sly, inventive references to every known sexual and scatological practice, featuring slurs regarding ethnicity, body type and sexual preference, delivered with the glee of a fifth grader —or perhaps of individuals willing to access a fifth grader's mindset.

Image missing :( Do you know these tourists who book a ticket for 30 euros, go to a place for one day or maybe a weekend, and spend their money in cheap souvenir shops, throw their garbage everywhere and always go to the same tourist places?

Image missing :( They might wants to experience it’s environment by consuming local customs, until they exploit some aspects of local identity and culture for profit. they will think it’s normal how drugs and sex are being treated in a tolerant manner, but it’s only packaged like it’s permissive and liberal towards sex and drugs, making it seem like a theme park. Reality outside of the ‘fun zone’ is a lot different.

Image missing :( Thus, somewhat paradoxically, searching for authentic urban life they trigger processes of commodification that transform places into spaces of leisure and consumption. In extreme forms, this results in themed enclaves, designed to meet the aesthetic expectations of the tourist gaze.

Image missing :( While some cities are still formulating ways to cope, This city - where a decade-long surge in visitor numbers is forecast to continue, rising from 18 million in 2018 to 42 million in 2030, or more than 50 times the current population - has simply decided it’s had enough.

Image missing :( What many did not expect was that it could behave evil, party like crazy and scream so hard the whole neighborhood wakes up, until the fun is over. It could steal your local supermarket and be hostile. One of the visitors was seen carrying some kind of weapon, it peed in your flowerpot, your sidestep and your porch. Overall you could say that it was someone that didn’t fit here.

Image missing :( Another one was seen smoking so much weed, that it’s eyes were as red as you never seen them. It ate so much waffles, ice cream and chocolate it threw up in your streets. What else is there to do anyways? It paid 50 euro to sleep on a dirty matrass in a stinky dorm, and thought this was all very normal.

Image missing :( Rammellzee was a visual artist, gothic futurist "graffiti writer", painter, performance artist, hip hop musician, art theoretician, and sculptor from New York City.