Ticket Please, Step Back Please, Don't Touch Please
UN/SPOKEN ARCHIVES is a project by 1st year students of the Graphic Design department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy initiated and accompanied by the Werker Collective. To share our knowledge and stories we created a series of amateur archives based on our own desires, fears, passions, disappointments, obsessions, family memories and localities.

PARTICIPANTS: Eloïse Alliguié – Rafaela Aristodimou – Ysé Auguste-Dormeuil – William Becker – Philippine Bordeaux-Montrieux – Vinícius Cardoso Witte – Hyoyeong Chu – Kimberly Duck – Fanni Falucskai – Lola Frydman – Marie Gertsen – Kiki Gordon – Sigrídur Hafdís Hannesdóttir – Victoria Hoogstoël – Quirine Kennedy – Max Kessel – Jung Yeon Kim – Hagar van der Knijff – Lukasz Matuszewski – Natalia Ruhe – Luca Putz – Ran Reimann – Bram Romkes – Alyson Sillon – Martina Vanini

EDITING: Sigrídur Hafdís Hannesdóttir, Victoria Hoogstoël, Natalia Ruhe
IDENTITY DESIGN: William Becker, Jung Yeon Kim, Lukasz Matuszewski, Luca Putz
WEBDESIGN & PROGRAMMING: Eloïse Alliguié, Max Kessel
TYPEFACES: UNSPOKEN ARCHIVES by Luca Putz, ParaRubber by Léonard Mabille
* Alyson Sillon*
Sound design: Lea Jullien

The starting point for this recording is an analysis of different forms of display used in museums of contemporary art. The sound piece is an experimental journey through different displays and their impact on the spectator and the meaning they carry. The result is a collage of museum soundscapes, ‘artwork monologues’ and museum guard interruptions.

Installation immersive space

Welcome to my universe. Take a breath. I see your eyes going all over the room. There are so many things to see and experience here. You probably feel completely overwhelmed by me. Take a breath... you are part of me... actually. That’s probably why you came to see me in real life today. You have apparently seen all of those great pictures and stories about me on Instagram. You want to have your piece too, right? To get the experience that you never expected to live without me. The uniqueness of being anchored in this space-time period adds a special value to me. Should I smile in the selfie? When you are inside me you forget where you are. This whole institutional space, I’m taking it over! I’m autonomous. I don’t need to explain myself that much... My size speaks for myself. I’m bigger than you, and you know that this thought you sometimes have, of “I can do that”, it’s not possible this time. I will never be exactly the same in another museum; even though I agree with you that they’re all quite standardized now.

Image missing :( Golden Snake, Mathias Kiss, Palais de Tokyo (Paris)
Picture taken: 02/05/2016

Image missing :( Since You Were Born, Evan Roth, Jeu de Paume (Paris)
Picture taken: 10/03/2020

Image missing :( FOXP2, Marguerite Humeau, Palais de Tokyo (Paris)
Picture taken: 13/07/2016

Image missing :( Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time Nº2, William Forsythe, La Villette (Paris)
Picture taken: 21/12/2017

On the floor

I see you. I see your eyes. I see that you are confused. I see that you want to do it but you also know that it’s usually not allowed. I know that since you were young they told you to devalue yourself from me. I’m on the ground, I play with your culturally set mental boundaries. You are lost now. It’s quite weird to see me independent from any display structure. You feel more close to me in a way, and that gives you space to think of your own considerations about me. Can you walk on me or should you be well mannered and pass around? I see you from the downside, it’s pretty rare for you to dominate me physically. But I also know that I command all the thoughts and questions you have on your mind. It’s all about me. Can you touch? Can you cross? It would be such a shame for you if all the visitors around you see that you have made this big mistake of stepping on me. Do you remember the man who stepped on Yves Klein’s pigment and completely ruined the artwork? It would mean that you are not well educated, that you don’t know the rules, that it’s your first time here and that you didn’t have enough culture to know how famous and important I am.

Image missing :( Test Pattern n.13, Ryoji Ikeda, La Villette (Paris)
Picture taken: 21/12/2017

Image missing :( Artist and name unknown, Les Abbatoires (Toulouse)
Picture taken: 14/12/2017

Image missing :( Bois flotté et stratifié, Toni Grand, La monaie de Paris (Paris)
Picture taken: 27/06/2017

Image missing :( Ostriche, Maurizo Catelan, Jeu de Paume-Musée d’art de Nantes (Nantes)
Picture taken: 21/08/2019

Under glass

Oh… Hi, how are you doing? Yes that’s it, you found it I’m number 22, hum if I might help you, the legend it’s on page 3, second paragraph, gallery Death and Memory. Yes! You found it! Here we are young people. “Gold shoulder clasps inlaid with garnet cloisonné and glass, Britain, c. AD 560–610”. It’s impressive right? There is only one like me in the whole Universe. What is this square object you have in your hand, with an abstract hieroglyph? Aaah yes, let me see closer... Ah! I see, it’s these things they installed 10 years ago to protect us, cameras right? this century is definitely strange. By chance I’m well protected from your touch and I don’t breath the same air as you do. I am here because I am a witness to your story, but ironically, I will remember your visit longer than you will remember our meeting. I don’t blame you, I’m used to it, actually catching your eye today made me come back to life.

Image missing :( Unknown
Picture taken: 02/05/2016

Image missing :( Unknown, British Museum (London)
Picture taken: 01/02/2017

Image missing :( Unknown, Tomi Ungerer, Musée Tomi Ungerer (Strasbourg)
Picture taken: 24/02/2017

Image missing :( Unknow, Claude Lalanne, Musée d’art moderne (Paris)
Picture taken: 27/06/2017

On the wall

I’m here, attached to a wall. Physically linked to the museum space. Like a baby needs a mother, I need museums to exist, just as they need me to be credible. This fragile mutual relationship only reaches this effect when you, the viewer, looks at me. I’m attached to this wall because my beauty can stand by herself. I need a good eye-level height to be seen. It’s a reference; the others in the room are displayed similarly. I noticed that some of them are even more ephemeral than me. They were directly born on the wall and they will die in the same way. The fact that I’m attached to this wall with a small text beside me will force you, the viewer, to stop your walk and look at me. You will stay, a minimum 10 seconds and wait for the magic to appear, or maybe not. You might want to get close to me, so you can appreciate the details. But don’t forget that you can’t touch.

Image missing :( Camille Henrot, Palais de Tokyo (Paris)
Picture taken: 22/12/2017

Image missing :( Unknown, Urs Lüthi, MAMC (Saint Etienne)
Picture taken: 24/02/2018

Image missing :( Unknown, Barbara Kruger, MAMC (Saint Etienne)
Picture taken: 24/02/2018

Image missing :( Unknow, Stephen Tayo, Palais de Tokyo (Paris)
Picture taken: 29/07/2019