My Body is (no/w)where?
UN/SPOKEN ARCHIVES is a project by 1st year students of the Graphic Design department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy initiated and accompanied by the Werker Collective. To share our knowledge and stories we created a series of amateur archives based on our own desires, fears, passions, disappointments, obsessions, family memories and localities.

PARTICIPANTS: Eloïse Alliguié – Rafaela Aristodimou – Ysé Auguste-Dormeuil – William Becker – Philippine Bordeaux-Montrieux – Vinícius Cardoso Witte – Hyoyeong Chu – Kimberly Duck – Fanni Falucskai – Lola Frydman – Marie Gertsen – Kiki Gordon – Sigrídur Hafdís Hannesdóttir – Victoria Hoogstoël – Quirine Kennedy – Max Kessel – Jung Yeon Kim – Hagar van der Knijff – Lukasz Matuszewski – Natalia Ruhe – Luca Putz – Ran Reimann – Bram Romkes – Alyson Sillon – Martina Vanini

EDITING: Sigrídur Hafdís Hannesdóttir, Victoria Hoogstoël, Natalia Ruhe
IDENTITY DESIGN: William Becker, Jung Yeon Kim, Lukasz Matuszewski, Luca Putz
WEBDESIGN & PROGRAMMING: Eloïse Alliguié, Max Kessel
TYPEFACES: UNSPOKEN ARCHIVES by Luca Putz, ParaRubber by Léonard Mabille
* Ran Reimann *

While composing this archive, my main interest has laid in the roots of ‘physical/work’ and ‘body’. As a retired semi-professional athlete I value the work I do with my body. Throughout exercising I thrive to become a better version of myself. To strengthen my mental physique alongside physical. I use a training app called Nike Training Club, which provides me a selection of different training programmes. Like one can guess, the app is owned by the largest sportswear corporation in the world, which raises a question: Who am I working for, myself and my body or the ‘body’ of the corporation?

Image missing :( a photo of people working inside an office

Image missing :( Dropbox gym

Image missing :( video showing people working at the google gym

Image missing :( Google gym

Image missing :( Nike presence throughout various mediums

Image missing :( excerpt from ‟Globalization and Sport, Playing the World", Toby Miller

Image missing :( Insider article about workers bonuses for extra work

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Image missing :( excerpt from ‟Sport and Social Movements: From the Local to the Global", Jean Harvey

Image missing :( Sports Society Taara building in Estonia 1930s

Image missing :( Sports Society Taara members in Estonia 1934

Image missing :( Sports Society Taara stadium in Estonia

Image missing :( Sports Society Taara member badge 1930-1940s

Image missing :( work reserves medallion in 1970s