I Practice a Lot when I'm Alone, at Home
UN/SPOKEN ARCHIVES is a project by 1st year students of the Graphic Design department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy initiated and accompanied by the Werker Collective. To share our knowledge and stories we created a series of amateur archives based on our own desires, fears, passions, disappointments, obsessions, family memories and localities.

PARTICIPANTS: Eloïse Alliguié – Rafaela Aristodimou – Ysé Auguste-Dormeuil – William Becker – Philippine Bordeaux-Montrieux – Vinícius Cardoso Witte – Hyoyeong Chu – Kimberly Duck – Fanni Falucskai – Lola Frydman – Marie Gertsen – Kiki Gordon – Sigrídur Hafdís Hannesdóttir – Victoria Hoogstoël – Quirine Kennedy – Max Kessel – Jung Yeon Kim – Hagar van der Knijff – Lukasz Matuszewski – Natalia Ruhe – Luca Putz – Ran Reimann – Bram Romkes – Alyson Sillon – Martina Vanini

EDITING: Sigrídur Hafdís Hannesdóttir, Victoria Hoogstoël, Natalia Ruhe
IDENTITY DESIGN: William Becker, Jung Yeon Kim, Lukasz Matuszewski, Luca Putz
WEBDESIGN & PROGRAMMING: Eloïse Alliguié, Max Kessel
TYPEFACES: UNSPOKEN ARCHIVES by Luca Putz, ParaRubber by Léonard Mabille
* Marie Gertsen *

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Image missing :( My knitting practice

Mini Shawl
The first memories of my mom teaching me yarn-work are when I crochet a shawl for my build-a-bear (stuffed animal). My mom made these crocheted shawls like a net with big holes. Sometimes they had pearls on them, I remember. At least, the one I made for my bear had pearls. I was very proud of what I’ve made. I thought it was quite cool that I was able to copy a mini version of exactly what my mom had made. I believe the shawls are now in a box in the basement, for sale every time my mom joins an occasional local flea market. When I see them, I always think of the mini shawl I once made.

Image missing :( Shawl Calculations

Old Sweater
I remember my mom always knitting. I remember she knitted for me a white sweater with three black stripes of patterns around the shoulders, waist and hips. The sweater looked like the one worn by a character in Danish TV show Forbrydelsen (also later made in a UK version called The Killing). The main character, a policewoman called Sara Lund, always wears this sweater and it became known among people as the ‘Sara Lund sweater’. I remember I wore it quite a lot, cause it was thick, warm and soft, and I liked it. It's at least 8 years ago and since then I haven't worn it again. I guess the times change, and I got tired of the fact that it was a ‘Sara Lund sweater’.

New Sweater
One or two years ago my mom started knitting a new sweater for me. We were on the sofa and she was knitting as she always does, talking to me about her idea for the sweater saying that she had thought it might be something for me. She asked my opinion about the colors the stripes in the white sweater would have. She had this brown and black thread mixed with gold as I remember. I thought it was a good idea that I could wear it. I think her attitude was that she would begin, and we could see how it went, If I wanted to wear it. She measured me with a measuring tape. It wasn't a very clear deal that the sweater would be for me, how I understood. When she finished it I tried it on and it was nice, but also a bit big. A big sweater is nice but I think the neckline was maybe too wide. I wore it at home to try out how it felt, but not a lot. Now the sweater is in a closet at my mom’s apartment where I stay when I visit her. I sometimes find it and want to wear it but this rarely happens.

Image missing :( Sweater measurements

Very Small
Some knitted items can be very small. My mom knitted feet for my grandmother's chairs. The legs of these chairs are made of metal, and for them to not damage the floor, it’s common to put felt dots on the bottom of the leg so the end is soft and slides easily on the wooden floor. One time I was at my grandmother's house and somehow the attention was directed at the “shoes” on the legs of the dining chairs. I think someone commented something about how advanced they were or how they were even possible, and my mom thought it was funny but also said it was some quite small stuff to handle. They were dark grey and quite discreet.

Image missing :( Sock for chair in the making

Golden Trumpets
This Christmas mom knitted small golden trumpets. I remember being on the sofa with her some days before Christmas, she was finishing a golden trumpet and showed it to me. She was talking about the inside wire that gives shape to what otherwise would just be a very long funny tube. The trumpets have a string attached so they can hang on a christmas tree. On christmas eve she gave one to my cousin. We celebrated the evening at my cousin and her husband's house, and it felt like a hostess gift. Everyone was very impressed about it and some were curious how it was made, and she told me about the wire and other things. My cousin's little daughter held it and did some, a bit violent, movement with it, and a lot of people were nervous and told her to be careful. My mom said it might be a bit fragile. It was not a toy but a decoration, and I think my cousin's little daughter understood that. The following days at other christmas events, with almost all the same people, more women in my family were given a golden trumpet. One night at my grandmother's house my mom had brought one for my grandmother and one for my older sister. They probably knew what it was and that was fine, it was funny and cute that she made one for them all. After they opened it and all, my sister said that I should also have one, or what about Marie or something. I didn’t even think about that I didn't get one, but my mom smiled and said: of course I could also have done one for you.

Image missing :( Golden Trumpet